We would like to thank each and every individual who has taken the time to leave us a review on our Russell Aquatics Facebook Page. We appreciate all feedback that you have to offer.

First off I’d like to thank Kerri, Kristi and their wonderful team of instructors for their dedication and support. We have been so impressed with Russell Aquatics since day one!! The amount of love and care that they put into their lessons and their school as a whole is so apparent and is much appreciated by our family. Kerri and Kristi took the time to work with our children’s individual needs and put our minds as parents at ease and for that we are so grateful. Our girls have already stated that when they grow up they want to be swim instructors and be part of the team at Russell Aquatics!! We look forward to watching our children’s swim skills improve in the years to come!! – Edna Morihovitis

Russell Aquatics Markham Swim School

We have tried swimming lessons at multiple places either through the Town of Markham or privately. Either it was too hectic, the kids weren’t learning much or it was just too difficult to get a spot in a class. All of our issues have been resolved since we joined Russell Aquatics. The staff are SO incredibly helpful and friendly and very responsive to my emails. My kids are never sitting idle in the pool. They have assistants who work with the kids if the main instructor is swimming a lap with one child so kids aren’t just sitting around waiting their turn. Everyone who works there is so helpful and when my kids were booked on separate days, they helped me find a day and time slot that worked for both kids to make it convenient for me. The one small issue I had was I found the change room crowded a bit and apparently after hearing from some parents, they staggered the class times to resolve this issue. I really commend the owners for making sure their clients are happy every step of the way. I look forward to watching my kids progress here over the years. – Aliya JT

I have waited to post a review as I have not been able to summarize ALL that Russell Aquatics has done for my son. He has been with Kristi and Kerri and their amazing-professional team since Winter 2015. For me-the choice is simple really: If you are seeking EFFECTIVE, consistent, encouraging, professional swim instruction in a safe environment (with a low ratio to boot!)-Russell Aquatics is the only choice. I have heard of other options in the area but if THIS is the criteria you are looking for-for your child, and you value the invaluable ability to swim-frankly-I can’t think of another team that will give your child (and you-the parent) the guidance, care and the follow through you all need to succeed. My son feels so confident now and has an “I CAN do it” mentality when he is in Kerri’s presence. It’s a reciprocal relationship to some extent. Your child gets so much more when he/she learns to give and try more-all while knowing he/she is in good hands and a trust relationship is being established. As a mother of ONE child-I have peace of mind. THAT energy translates to my son and its a lovely evolution to see how far he has come and will continue to go with Kerri and her team. Thank you Kerri. From Gabriel and I. – Zaheera Dhanani-Saju

Russell Aquatics Markham Swim School

It took my husband 25 years to convince me to get into a pool to actually learn swimming. I was scared, nervous and above all embarrassed to learn at this age. I have always been scared of water and never could gather up the courage to learn swimming. Finally, he just registered me at Russell and this time he did not ask, he just informed me that you are going to learn, leaving me no option for refusal. Oh well, as scared as I was for my first class, to my surprise, it wasn’t bad at all and I actually enjoyed it. I was able to float with assistance, put my face in the water and also learned how to blow bubbles. The teacher was amazing, not pushy and cooperative. I am so glad and thank my husband for forcing me to learn a life skill. Thank you Team Russell!!! – Shehnaz Govindji

Can’t say enough about Russell Aquatics, especially their new facilities. One of our sons has Juvinile Diabetes (Type 1) and the entire staff has been excellent with working with him/us to ensure he is happy and safe. The swimming has helped him keep a more-consistent blood sugar level, and the staff has helped him with his confidence / self-worth… he feels valued. He now wants to join Swim Club, which we hope will reinforce the lifestyle challenges he has. My wife and I feel that the staff has made specific efforts to understand his challenges and we feel that he is in a safe and secure environment in spite of his condition. Highly recommend. – Michael Russell