Russell Aquatics offers year round swim lessons in Markham. Our small ratio classes and hands-on teaching approach ensure that each and every one of our students gets the support and instruction they deserve. Teaching swimming is a passion for every instructor at Russell Aquatics.
To ensure every student has the opportunity to learn both how to swim and water safety skills in a safe, fun, creative, child-friendly environment.

Our mission at Russell Aquatics is to have our students develop solid swimming strokes and skills along with valuable water safety education that will last a lifetime. It is our goal that each student receives an exceptional swim program that will prepare them to complete their life-saving levels. We are a family-run business that is dedicated to providing the best instruction in a supportive and enthusiastic environment that suits each and every one of our client’s needs.

Philosophy and Goals
Teaching swim is our passion! We love working with all ages and watching our students grow into confident swimmers. We are uniquely positioned to teach every level of swimming, from infants learning basic submersion skills, to students who have progressed through all their levels and now are choosing to start their lifeguard training.
At Russell Aquatics our focus is on providing our students with the highest quality swim and water safety instruction in a safe, fun, and positive learning environment. All instructors are graduates of The Lifesaving Society of Canada’s National Lifesaving and Swim Instructor certification programs.
Russell Aquatics was founded by Kerri & Kristi Russell in 2004 as a children’s summer backyard swim school in Markham, Ontario. It was established with the assistance of the Government of Ontario’s “Summer Company” initiative. The hands-on coaching and mentoring from local community business leaders made a large contribution to the company’s initial and ongoing success. Russell Aquatics has steadily grown over the past decade. In the fall of 2011, Russell Aquatics began offering all-season lessons at an indoor Markham location. Russell Aquatics continues to teach from their backyard pool during the summer months as well as in client home pools. In 2017, we look forward to expanding into our newly custom built indoor facility in Markham.