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Winter Swim Myths Busted Markham Swim School

Winter Swim Myths Busted

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Every year, we hear from many families of their choice to take the winter session off. Sometimes, it’s for extended travel plans, broken bones or other financial obligations – totally understandable reasons! Other times, it’s because of old wives’ tales or misconceptions. In this article, we debunk some of those myths and misconceptions and share with you why swimming is a great activity to participate in year-round.

Today, we bring you: winter swim myths busted…

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Skipping Winter Swim Lessons Might Cost You More

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This blog post about winter swim lessons has been shared to us by one of our swim school parents: Jennifer Wu. Thank you, Jennifer.

Okay parents – level with me here – how many times have you had the “What activities should we sign them up for?” discussion with your partner? As parents, there are a ton of choices we have to make when it comes to extra-curricular activities for our kids. We choose based on our schedule, our budget, and our goals for our kids. While we’d love to give them the opportunity to try out a wide variety of experiences, that’s not reality. As a mom of three, I am 100% with you on this.
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