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Why It’s Important to Start Swimming Early

start swimming early
At a young age, we teach our children about the importance of being safe. We teach them not to run onto the street and to keep their fingers away from outlets. What often gets forgotten is the importance of teaching them to be safe in and around water. It’s not a matter of if your child will encounter water but when. Most children shy away from water. This is largely due to a lack of exposure during early years. At bath time, we avoid splashing water on their face and we panic when they go anywhere near a pool or lake. We recommend that parents start their children swimming early.

The truth is, it’s important that your child begins their swimming journey as early as possible. We offer free parent and tot classes for infants under six months to promote early exposure. This prevents children from developing a fear of water and makes progress much easier. We encourage parents to not shy away from getting water in their child’s face at bath time because it’s important to let your child know that water doesn’t have to be scary.

At Russell Aquatics, we begin teaching life saving water skills like back floats and swimming small distances at the age of two. Learning to roll onto their back to take a breath can allow them to reach the edge of the pool without assistance or extend the length in which they are able to swim at a time.

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Swim Skills

Progress Trumps the Badge

Working hard to reach a goal and not achieving the results you were hoping for is frustrating to say the least. It can be especially defeating when comparing yourself to others and feeling as though you’re further behind from everyone else. Rest assured, these discouraging thoughts are not at all a reflection of reality! In swimming lessons (and most other parts of life), the journey is so much more important than the destination, and we strive to help our students and families remember that.

At Russell Aquatics, we love to celebrate the little victories!

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Markham Swim School

Why Choose a Private Swim School

Private Swim School Markham

Whether we do so from childhood or a little later on in life, swimming is an essential life skill to teach and be taught. In Canada, where swimming lessons are readily available, 40% of drownings occur because the victim was a weak or non-swimmer. These incidents are highly preventable, and it is important to be well-informed on how proactiveness can be achieved and which options are the best.Private swim schools have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and the reasons for this shift are endless.

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