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Wendy the Birdwatcher

I wouldn't call Wendy the most active cat in the world (she is more of a napper), but once in a while she can have quite an adventure. The other day, we we're in my bedroom I, hard at work on my computer, and Wendy lounging as usual on the bed when a gaggle of birds, or a flock of birds, whichever, landed loudly on my roof and on the surrounding trees. One particularly fat one landed right near my window, black feathers falling everywhere. I think it was a starling, judging by it's unique coloring and gregarious personality. Wikipedia tells me starlings are gregarious.

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Never has Wendy reacted in quite this way to a bird: she got down on her haunches and trilled at it trilled! and I could see that she wanted very badly to pretend as though she herself we're a bird, one of it's fat bird friends. What a clever ruse, a cat masquerading as a bird, to capture it, of course, and chew on it a little, ruffle it up a bit. I, always looking for an opportunity to witness animal behavior up close, opened the window (there is a screen). The window is maybe three feet higher than the bed, but Wendy leapt she leapt! from the bed and up on the windowsill, squashing herself against the screen. All the birds flew away, and I had to help Wendy down from the window, as she didn't have much standing room. She was a little angry, I think, and spent the rest of the day alternately napping and glowering.

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