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Lack of consistency seems to be the common bug going around this summer season. I've heard from clients and peers more times this past week than any other time of the year that they have fallen off course and are having a hard time getting back into their groove. For most of these people, this is occurring right when they we're beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor. With summer weddings, vacations, and more time spent with less clothes on, just about everyone has been pushing to improve their physique. But why is it that right when things start going right, the smallest set backs make us feel like we're even farther away from our goal? Heres my take on the subject

The struggle

This is the stage that nearly everyone can acknowledge, but have no clue as to what to do once they've put a finger on it. When most people set a goal, they do everything they can out of determination to make that first bench mark. Whether it be to drop a size or to increase a lousy 5 lbs on your bench press, a lot of work must be put into getting there. Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in how far we are from the long term goal when we fail to recognize the value of this short term progress. Success in the short term does not mean it's time to relax and go back to old habits. This is a point at which we must identify what got us there and what adjustments must be made to make the path to the next step smoother. When you work towards a physical or athletic goal, you are putting a lot of new stress on the body. Our bodies and minds will fight with everything to remain in homeostasis. Changing what your body defines as homeostasis is what makes this process the struggle.

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The commitment

Goals are declared because of our desire to achieve something believed to be within measure. Was hitting that first bench mark what you desired when you first declared your goal? Of course not! So you started seeing some physical changescongratsnow move on!

Continuing to surround yourself with others who are physically and athletically goal oriented will make sticking to your commitment that much easier. Accountability can be a huge factor in whether or not you will get to where you want to be. If you happen to be surrounded by co-workers or peers who do not engage in activities or live a lifestyle that is in line with your goals, then accept that you will be traveling a rockier path. But do not blame them for your lack of commitment. Its not their goal, it's yours, and you have complete control over your actions.

If you don't have a goal, then where do you plan on going with all this work? I believe that people who don't set goals are those who don't like to accept failure. Dont know how to set a goal? Hire a trainer or ask a friend who is knowledgeable in fitness.

The action

Rather than looking at the long road ahead, consider your first bench mark as a new starting point. Both the fittest girls and strongest guys at your gym have set backs. These type of people all have a story, a starting point, and a lot of steps that they have had to conquer. To you it may seem like they have the world in their hands, but talk to them and you'll learn they've gone through rough times. They too had family problems, went on vacations, and struggled with injuriesbut they stayed positive and consistent enough to come through.

More than likely, it's not that you need a new diet or training routine. Its that you need to find better plan of attack and mindset on how you're going to stay consistent with your diet and training. So you're bored of your routine and need change after six weeks? Too bad. Look at the most successful people in your gym and you'll see that not much changes in their training.

Now if you we're hoping to read an article that would show you an easier way to your goal and get past your slump, I'm sorry, you might want to search another site. But hopefully this helped you identify with the reality of your situation so you can stop running circles around the actual problem. Enjoy the new results and embrace what it took to get you to where you are now and MOVE ON! With a little more consistency past this first step, you may not be as far from your goal as you think.

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