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Awareness Being Raised In The Wall Street Journal!

"Get Developmental Care" is the title to an article published in the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ states "Many kids struggle with developmental problems at some point in their childhoods, and getting care for them can be costly and confusing." "If your child isn't babbling or sitting at nine months, for instance, struggles with stairs or speaks unclearly at age three, you might be worried about a developmental delay. Help is available to enable your child to catch up, but parents will need to navigate a complicated zone where health care rubs up against education and kids sometimes fall through the cracks." ( um ya like my son and many others)

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They go on quoting from the CDC in saying"The intersection of what's being provided by schools and the health-care system is a huge issue for families because the two systems aren't well integrated," says Georgina Peacock, medical officer and developmental pediatrician at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "Parents are having to knit together services to have their kids be successful."

Nice to see the awareness getting out there, but we and our children still need solutions! Take my son for example. At age 10 he is receiving only speech from the school district even though all his evals from doctors state that he also needs more speech, OT, PT, and ABA. Insurance does not cover but 30 hours a year him and myself combined for therapy. So this is a huge issue and I know we are not alone!! Media does great at covering Guns, shootings, and Hollywood, well how about the big media following the lead here of the Wall Street Journal. As a parent I want to thank the WSJ for publishing this article!

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