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A Wondrous Observation to Start the Day

I think it is safe to say, we have all experienced judgment in our lives. We've all judged and we all have been judged by others. That being said, not all judgment is bad or wrong. I doubt our species would been able to survive had we not been able to judge our surroundings.

The judgment I am referring to, is when we judge others actions, believes, appearance, and lifestyle based on our own perception and in comparison to our own actions, believes, appearance, and lifestyle. We now live in an era we're judgment runs wild everywhere, even in positive movements. Where most people feel personally attacked by what other people do in their lives. And with social media we now have the opportunity to express ourselves publicly. And while this is an amazing way to share our passions. It also means now we have more opportunities to trigger each other, if we aren't centered. So,where does this judgment come from?

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In my experience, it comes from a few places:

  • Fear
  • A need to control.
  • A need to be right.
  • Belief that our way is the only or best way.
  • Jealousy
  • Extremism (I don't see extremism as necessarily a bad thing. The problem is when someone pushes another to follow their ideals to the same extreme level theyare comfortable. Not taking into account that the other person may not be comfortable or able to live up to those extremes. We all have free will.)
  • Not knowing all the facts.
  • Not seeing the others persons point of view or seeing only your own.
  • Viewing another persons experiences based on your own experiences.

To Be in any of these energies, means we are not Being in heart center. We are not Being compassionate. We are not Being Love. And God is Love. We are not seeing that we are all connected. We are not seeing that what we perceive or judge in others, is or has been at some point apart of us. Thus we are judging ourselves. And on top of that we have now lowered on own vibration.

So what about when we judge others because of what we believe is a good cause, for example:

  • Food Industry
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Vaccination Debate
  • Animal Rights
  • Open Spirituality

I am not saying that these are not important causes. Actually these are all causes I have worked hard for and are dear to my heart. But, I do think the extremism and judgment that can breed in these topics of interest,can taint the vibrations of even these compassionate movements.

I believe that if we really feel strong about something we should focus on lovingly embracing it in our own lives. I believe when we follow our own bliss others notice and want to find theirs. When we attack or judge the other person, we are attacking ourselves. When we focus on negativity (be it ours or others) we are lowering the vibration of whatever cause we are working for.

Nobody is perfect. We all have bad days, just like we all have good days. We are All doing the best we can at that moment.

Here is what I have done, when feeling triggered by others. I ask my self

  • What is it about this persons experience that is triggering me?
  • Then, Why do I feel this way?
  • I then go within and find the triggering emotion. And guess what, it never has to do with the other person. And most likely, revolves around following your own life purpose, self-love and care,and bliss.
  • Then, let it go.

Find your happy place inside yourself. Focus in on your heart chakra. Breathe loving white light energy in the back of your heart chakra and out the front.

Here area coupl etools that have helped me when I have felt negative energy coming my way.

  • TheKabbalah Red String: I wore the red string, throughout college. I did feel a difference in my interactions. This tool helps block you from the Evil Eye, but also serves as a reminder not to judge others.
  • Smudge yourself and your home. In my experience, smudging works best when you use a clearing plant (Ex. sage, pale santo, etc), and follow with a plant to bring in positive energy (Ex. lavender, sweet grass, etc). Of course, this is my experience, find what works for you. No way is wrong, or right.

Focus on Your existence. We all walk different paths and are at different places on our paths. Raise Your vibration, you raise the vibration of the planet. If enough of us live compassionately, we will change the human consciousness grid. Lead by example. BE the change, don't beat other people over the head with it.;-)

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