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How to Increase Blog Traffic

Today the best tool available for online marketing to drive traffic to a website is a Blog. Having built-in SEO abilities makes them desirable by webmasters and lesser work for newbie's who have very less knowledge of SEO and it's fundamentals. Setting up a blog is quite easy and doesn't require any specialize skills to do so and more over it's the easiest thing to manage. Though being so much handy it is always a tough task to drive traffic to it. Many blogs are being launched every day and it becomes very tought for one to get know in the blogosphere and drive traffic to it. Many blogs which have failed even though they outsmart some blog die off quite easily due to unable to drive traffic to it. These are the few methods which can help gaining traffic to a blog.

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#1: Original and Keyword Rich Content

It has always been a matter of discussion about writing quality content on a blog, and more over content which will be helping you gaining ranks on search engines. So it is very important that the content be original which eliminates you from rest of the world for copying content from other blogs and posting which eventually leaves the reader to part away from your blog, and chances are of getting penalize for duplicate content on search engines too. It is always better to include keywords in the blog post for which you are competing. So better chance of your blog to rank high on search engines.

#2: Ping Services

Always ping services like Pingoat.com, Ping-o-matic.com etc. The main reason why it should be submitted to services like these because it gets your post on the front page of the directories and those get crawled by spiders which eventually let's your published post to be crawled.

#3: RSS Reader

Its is always good to subscribe to RSS reader's like Google Reader, Netvibes, Bloglines etc and submit your blog's RSS to it. It will read and index your blog. It is one of the fastest way to get on to the search engines.

#4: Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites like Digg, del.icio.us, reddit are of great importance in driving traffic to your blog. Submit articles to these websites regularly which will gain a lot of traffic to your blog.

#5: Comment on other blogs

Visit blogs which are related with you niche and leave comments on their post. Remember to keep your comment interesting and informative which will get other visitors to click on the link back to your blog. Always provide comment to the topic.

What are you waiting for follow these steps and start driving traffic to your blog.

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