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The novel is moving forward, sometimes painfully slowly, but it's generally creeping towards the end. Except today, of course, where I lost 3,000 words or so. I was typing away merrily (well, cursing because the damn thing wouldn't fall together), and my mind was wandering on to things that I'd have to cut from the book when I'd finishedand the chapter I was working on was one of them. It made no difference to the story; it just showed a very minor plot thingy that didn't need to be shown. I just didn't want people to forget one of the characters. So I cut it, and the manuscript shrank a small but noticeable amount. Ho hum. Might as well cut it now though. I'll break 60,000 words on the draft today, and most of what I've written is solidalthough I have a notepad file with about 15-20 things that need to be tweaked.

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As one of the things I loathe about modern fantasy is the doorstep tendency to describe everything that the characters do in exhaustive detail with little or no meaningful conflict, I'm feeling okay about losing three days of work.

I've also managed to get 6,000 words into a short story which is going tremendously. Probable length when I've finished will be around 10,000 or so (which seems to be my first draft target for shorts).

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