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How to close or make a sale

The key is to be a good communicator, and the best way is true telling stories. Stories of what happened to you, or to someone else. What you or they did to change the situation (started using your products etc), and where you or they are now as a result of doing that. (success using your products etc)

Instead of following the templates and guides on how to close or make a sale, use the natural flow of the conversation. This is much more valuable in the long run.

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Let us say you are brand new to a business. You love the product and you want everyone to have and experience the benefits.

You desperately try to show it to people and it sounds something like this;

Hi Lisa


Lisa, see this product!? I really want you to sign up as an affiliate so you can sell this product to. It is awesome

She looks at you confused.

You then add; people make a lot of money out it too

Now she looks even more confused, so you add; it is a great product, Lisa

Now she starts to get a little angry, so he may say something like; what is this all about anyway?

It is a vitamin drink with superpowers

Vitamins with superpowers?

This is the response they usually give when they think you sound like a freak.

Yes. I have been taking it for one month now, and I feel like superman in the gym. Before I could only hold for 30 minutes, but now I can train for over 1 hour and still have more energy to work out

"It is the best product i have ever tried, and you will make so much money selling this stuff"

Do you think Lisa started taking and selling your products?

Probably not!

So, what went wrong?

The conversation was not natural. It was all backwards, and this usually happens when we are emotionally involved in the process and desperate to sell what we have.

It should have sounded a little more like this;

Hi, Lisa


Wow You are not going to believe this, but I have been like superman in the gym lately. I could only do 30 min of exercise before, but now I am there for over 1 hour and I STILL have more energy

Yeah, right Lisa might reply.

I know it sound crazy, but I have felt like this for over a month now

Ok, ok I hear you. So how EXACTLY is that plausible? Lisa says.

NOW you can tell her about your products, and the business opportunity around it.

This time she asked YOU what it is that you are doing, and now she is open to what you have to say!

See the difference? It is HUGE!

Try to establish a simple relationship to your prospects, and become someone they can now and trust.

You get to know them, and they get to know you. This may take more than one conversation. It usually takes four five conversation, but it is well worth it in the long run.

When the friendship level has come to where it is a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Then, when it feels natural, simply share your story. The story should be short, interesting and to the point .

An effective communicator does not have a practiced speech or hyped emotional delivery. An effective communicator establishes a basic relationship and tells a story.

It took me a long time before i got this, but when i did my business reached new heights.

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