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I'm on a bus on the way to Bangor

I'm on a bus on the way to Bangor. And I've only got a little over an hour to cram in two blog posts. Two. After all, it's a New Year. A fresh start. A chance to tackle all the goals I've set for the year, like the one about posting twice a week. And since I'm headed up to help a friend get ready for a wedding, I won't have time to write Friday's post later this week. So, here's my chance. The pressure's on. I write a paragraph. Highlight, backspace. Frustration. It's crunch time, and nothing's coming together. Then I look up, look out.

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Maine is beautiful.

The pines that pebble the interstate are laden with snow. And as I look at the white weighing down burdened branches, ice engulfing limbs, I smile. The frustration lifts.

There's no pressure. Just purpose.

Why write two times a week? Because of pressure? Because I'm letting someone downothers, myself, God? Because in 2014 I finally need to prove that I'm actually going to stick to a New Year's resolution? No.

Why, then?

Purpose. Progress. Process.

Writing on purpose, with purpose. To make progress. To journey forward in this process of growing, changing, learning, reachingout for Him, out to others. Because it's not so much that you're all going to be terribly devastated if I don't write twice a week. In fact, that's not it at all. It's that when I take the time to reflect on what's going on around mein my life, in the worldin light of Christ and His Word, when I take a moment and step back and ask Him to give me His perspective on it all, I see Him. I catch glimpses. Of Him, of His beauty, of His glory. Of how He might use it to grow and stretch and teach and change me, if I let Him. And then, by letting you all in to see a part of that, maybe you might see more of Him, too.

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