Parent and Tot Swim Program

PARENT & TOT Swim Program (3 months-2 years, 6:1 Ratio) All babies learn through repetitive teaching, play, word association and consistent lessons. With careful supervision our little fish learn to use their bodies to naturally swim short distances underwater. Our methods are gentle, controlled and guided throughout the entire lesson. We provide Lifesaving Society Water Smart® tips on keeping your child safe in any aquatic setting.

Parent & Tot 1 (3-12 months)

Designed for 3-12 months old as an introduction to basic water skills and play in the water with the parent.

Parent & Tot 2 (12-24 months)

Designed for the 12-24 months old to learn the introductory skills in the water such as blowing bubbles, front and back floats and kicking with assistance from the parent.

Why should you start swimming with your baby early? The answer is easy and we will tell you why!

  1. Water Safety

  2. Swimming is great for your babies physical & mental health

  3. Swimming boosts Confidence

  4. Swimming develops coordination

  5. Swimming builds strength

  6. Our program is designed to get both parents and babies comfortable in and around the water

  7. You will learn the fundamentals of swimming which is buoyancy, breath control and movement in the water

  8. Learning to swim early helps to ease bath time fears

  9. Swimming is a wonderful bonding experience for parents and children in the water together

  10. 88% of drownings can be prevented with participation in regular swimming lessons.

You are never too young to start swimming!

Drowning is preventable!

markham swim school

Introduce your infant to the water in a fun, safe and supportive environment! 

free swim classes for babies markham

*All children that are under the age of three or not potty trained are required to wear a Happy Nappy reusable swim diaper, available for purchase at our Boxgrove location.
This helps to prevent a pool closure due to a fouling.*